Ulysses: An award-winning cross-platform writing tool, and this week's AWT sponsor


Apple World Today is proud to announce its sponsor for the week; Ulysses. Ulysses is a powerful, distraction-free writing tool that works equally well on both macOS and iOS devices. It’s now available as a subscription by itself or as part of the Setapp Bundle. Ulysses is just US$4.99 per month or $39.99 annually, or you can get it with the rest of the Setapp Bundle for $9.99 monthly.

Ulysses received the prestigious Apple Design Award in 2016 for — as it says on the aluminum cube awarded to the team — “Outstanding Design and Innovation”. Those who use the app every day appreciate why Ulysses was honored by Apple for excellence.

Take a look at the stories Apple World Today has published over the years regarding Ulysses, and you’ll see why we think it’s the best writing tool available. Ulysses is a cross-platform (iPhone, iPad and Mac) writing tool that gets out of the way when the goal is to get words onto an empty page. Wherever you’re writing, and on whatever platform you have at hand at the moment, Ulysses is there to capture your work.


That leads us to the next point; the organization of that work. Ulysses uses the concept of “sheets” of virtual paper for individual documents, then adds a powerful layer of panels and filters that provide structure to writing projects. Whether a writer just needs a common place for similar topics or wants Ulysses to automatically group sheets based on keywords, the apps provide a way to accomplish organization easily.

When the writing is done and the author steps away from the keyboard, Ulysses is there to turn the words into stunning PDFs, Word documents that are ready for an editor’s touch, or even beautifully-formatted eBooks. For writing on the web, Ulysses transforms Markdown-styled text into HTML for instant publishing. Regardless of the type of output desired, Ulysses creates instant live previews to ensure that your work looks great to your readers.


The apps work seamlessly with iCloud, instantly synchronizing work between iPhone, iPad and Mac. Start a document on the iPhone using Siri dictation, flesh it out on an iPad Pro with a Smart Keyboard, then polish it on the Mac before publishing — Ulysses keeps your work updated on all platforms instantaneously.

We’re pleased to tell Apple World Today users about the incredible power of Ulysses and hope that you’ll give it a try soon.