That Apple Watch Series 3 Data Plan? Just $10 a month

AppleEvent9-12-17 0023.png

One of the big questions for people who are considering a purchase of the new Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular is "How much is a data plan for this thing going to cost me?" We now have an answer -- just $10 a month. 

That is the pricing from AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon, and in order to get a Watch data plan from any one of the carriers, you'll need to have an iPhone data plan on the carrier as well. Why? Well, the Apple Watch Series 3 will have the same phone number as your iPhone. The device is simply seen as an add-on to an existing iPhone contract.

Verizon has already upped the ante on deals, offering three months of free service if you sign up for an Apple Watch Series 3 Plan. Will the other carriers follow suit? Only time will tell.

You'll be able to order your Apple Watch Series 3 beginning at 12:01 AM PT this Friday, September 15 for delivery on September 22.