China's Pisen sues Apple for ‘suspected engagement in monopolistic behavior’

Another day, another lawsuit. China-based Guangdong Pisen Electronics has filed a lawsuit with the Beijing Intellectual Property Court against Apple for the “suspected engagement in monopolistic behavior.”

Pisen logo.jpg

Apple's MFi (Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad) compulsory certification is a logo using permission for peripherals made by the tech giant’s licensed accessory manufacturers. This hacks off Pisen, China's largest accessory manufacturer, which claims that data cables are only transmission channels for data and current and are less technically inclined. In other words, the company claims the MFi compulsory certification is just a superfluous toll station set up on the channel.

Pisen is claiming a compensation for economic loss of 1 yuan (less than an U.S. dollar) from Apple. The company said its economic loss is, in fact, much more than 1 yuan; however, it only claimed a symbolic restitution from the perspective of the protection of consumer choice and a company's right to fair competition.