Get 15% off on Photolemur 2.0 for Mac from Apple World Today

We've been big fans of automated photo enhancement app Photolemur since the early days. Now Photolemur 2.0 is available, both for Mac and now for Windows as well. You can see for yourself how easy it is to make your digital images "pop" with a quick pass through Photolemur 2.0 by watching the video below. Well, we have a great deal for you on Photolemur 2.0: take 15% off the regular price of $30 for a single license or $50 for a family license (up to 5 devices). Even better, take advantage of our coupon code APPLEWORLD15 today and get the family license for $29.75!

Once you've decided to buy Photolemur 2.0 for your Mac or that PC they're forcing you to use at work, just go through the purchase process and when you see the "Add Coupon" box at the bottom of the payment dialog, just click it and type in "APPLEWORLD15". We'll take 15% off the purchase, bringing that individual license down to $25.50!

Your purchase of Photolemur does more than just make your digital photos look great; it also helps support Apple World Today through an affiliate program.