Jamf helping Simplifeye improve healthcare with wearable technology

Jamf, which specializes in Apple device management, today announced that Simplifeye has chosen Jamf Pro to help mitigate risks around the use of patient information on wearable technology.

Simplifeye, a New York City startup, knew they could solve a lot of problems that affect medical clinics, but they needed a strategic partner. That’s when they contacted Jamf to manage the iPhone devices that are tied to each Apple Watch.

“In healthcare, there’s a big concern around data security. With Jamf, we are able to secure iPhones to offer the customer comfort that their patient data is secure,” says Zach Hungate, co-founder and CEO of Simplifeye.


Simplifeye is a SaaS platform of applications that connect Apple technology to an organization’s electronic medical record (EMR). After syncing with the EMR, schedule and patient information moves between Simplifeye’s apps available on the Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad. This functionality allows healthcare teams to easily see their patients’ medical records on any device – a benefit that disconnects them from their computer and allows for more streamlined and personal interactions with patients, says Hungate.

New York dentist, Dr. Gary Kay, said he’s seen huge improvements to the efficiency of his practice, as well as an increase in patient experience, since implementing Apple Watch devices in his office. He further explained that having Jamf keep the information he accesses on his watch secure is a top priority. 

“Partnering with Simplifeye gives us the ability to help improve the experience patients have while at their clinic or hospital,” says Dean Hager, CEO of Jamf. “We’re actively working to improve healthcare by providing a solution that allows caregivers to put patients first, so working with Simplifeye to accomplish that with wearable technology is a great fit.”

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