Dockem’s iProp provides a beanbag for your iPad (and a pillow for your noggin)

Sometimes it's nice to just plop down in a bean bag chair. You can let your iPad relax in its own "bean bag" thanks to the $29.99 iProp from Dockem

Okay, so your Apple tablet may not appreciate the iProp, but you probably will since it's a convenient accessory when you're lounging around the house. The great thing about the tablet stand/bean bag is that it not only works fine on hard surfaces, but also on surfaces that are uneven or soft. In other words, the iProp is perfect for use on a bed, sofa or your lap. 


The micro-bead filled base of the iProp adjusts to form around your legs or just about any other surface you set it on. It's handy for reading, watching movies and playing games when you aren't at a desk or table. 

The iProp sports a durable sports mesh base made of breathable and washable polyester, as well as a high-grade silicone shelf, about the size of a hand, to ensure the tablet stays in place. 

Flip the iProp over and it doubles as a portable pillow for long trips. An inexpensive device that's both a bean bag-ish stand for your tablet and a pillow to use when traveling. What's not to love?

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★★