Aerix Drones launches the DaVinci

Aerix Drones has released the $295 DaVinci, the company’s first mid-sized aerial photography and racing drone hybrid. Its on-board first-person view (FPV) camera streams live video and records to the on-board micro SD card in 720p at 25fps, making it Aerix’s highest resolution video drone yet.

DaVinci features four brushless motors — two standard motors and two inverted motors — for a blend of torque, thrust and lift. It’s capable of speeds up to 30 MPH with a 15-minute flight time. DaVinci can fly up to 250 meters away, the length of approximately two and a half football fields.

DaVinci big.jpeg

It’s equipped with dual GPS to hold height and location, in addition to setting a home point for one-touch takeoff, landing and return to home functions. Low voltage warnings and fail-safe settings are designed to ensure you have enough time to return home for a smooth landing.

DaVinci boasts 5.8GHz FPV for low latency live streaming video. The on-screen display includes height, number of satellites, flying direction, horizontal speed, vertical speed and power in real-time

DaVinci is capable of mid-air maneuvers with extremely responsive handling thanks to the stabilizer technology upgrades pre-installed, according to the folks at Aerix Drones. Its 6-axis gyro-stabilization keeps the drone stable and centered. You can bank hard and fast in any direction and DaVinci will automatically return to center. And 360-degree rotational yaw allows users to adjust orientation.