Happy Eclipse Day!


Good morning, campers! Yours truly is currently at the Jackson Golf & Tennis Club in Jackson, Wyoming with my lovely spouse, for the eclipse. Depending on the amount of bandwidth available, I hope to dazzle your eyes with a VR video of the time just around totality and a time-lapse of the the Grand Teton Range before, during and after the event.

Be sure to underline the that statement -- "depending on the amount of bandwidth available". The VR video will be around 3GB in size, while the time-lapse has a much better chance of making it out first.

It pays to plan ahead; we decided to go from Denver to Steamboat Springs, CO our first day, Steamboat Springs to Rock Springs, WY the second day, and up to Jackson, WY yesterday. As opposed to the horrible forecasts of traffic jams, we cruised right on up with no issues.

Wear your eclipse glasses (except during totality if you're in that zone), keep your eyes open on what is going on around you (with shadows, wildlife, and so on), and enjoy the experience. I'm hoping for clear skies for everyone!