iPhone shipments return to growth

Samsung continued to lead the worldwide smartphone market in the second quarter (Q2) of 2017 with shipments of over 79 million units, leaving growth relatively flat, according to Canalys. Apple held on to second place by shipping 41 million iPhones, increasing its annual shipments volume by 2%, despite anticipation building for a significant product refresh later in the year, notes the research group.

Worldwide shipments of 38 million units, growth of 20% for Huawei, helped it close the gap with the leading pair and get within three million units of taking the second place from Apple. Oppo and Xiaomi were the top performers in fourth and fifth spot, growing shipments 44% and 52% respectively. Over 340 million smartphones shipped in Q2 2017, an increase of almost 4% year on year. 

“The smartphone market continued to grow in Q2, despite India and China both slipping into decline,” says Canalys Research Analyst Vincent Thielke. “Smartphone shipments to North America increased around 7% year on year, with Apple growing 10%.  Apple outperformed Samsung despite the launch of the Galaxy S8, and growing anticipation for the next iPhone.”