Vintage Apples: Streaming music from Apple Watch to an 8-track player...and more!

Niles Mitchell, AKA napabar on YouTube, has a lot of fun with vintage electronics that may or may not be made by Apple. In this article, we have two examples of videos that Mitchell has created that deal with linking up present-day Apple gear with vintage tech. 

To start with, Mitchell answers the question "How could I stream music from my Apple Watch to my portable 8-track tape player?" with some wireless Bluetooth magic:

There, aren't you glad you know how to do that? It will come in very handy the next time you are on the beach with your 8-track player, listening to that Michael Jackson tape, and have the desire to stream some music that's stored on your Watch to the player...

The next fun is with Mitchell sending programs from an Apple Watch to an Atari 2600 game console. Why did he do it? Because he could! The Atari 2600 is outfitted with a Spectravideo Compumate add-on, which is a keyboard/computer that connects to the Atari 2600. Mitchell attached a Bluetooth receiver to the line-in port, and the Apple Watch plays the part of the cassette player that would have been used to load software back in the old days.

Pretty cool, huh? I look forward to the next odd matchups provided by Niles!