Wicked Brainstorm lets you brainstorm up a storm in iOS Message

Between online work, church work and family activities (I have lots of siblings, nieces and nephews), it’s nice to be able to brainstorm with folks. However, that’s not practical using Messages on my iPhone or iPad.

Well, it wasn’t practical. Now it is thanks to Wicked Brainstorm. Before using the app, my brainstorming buddies saw all our ideas mixed in with every other text message. With Wicked Brainstorm, those ideas are gathered together, yet still kept within Messages. 

For example, my siblings and I brainstormed to plan a family trip to a water park. When you’re done, you can turn the brainstormed list into a checklist and even vote as a group on the best ideas.

Conveniently, you don't need any special accounts or passwords. Users within a text conversation just add their ideas to the list whenever an idea comes to mind. The ideas appear instantly.

Wicked Brainstorm is tightly integrated with Wicked Custom Stickers, Wicked Plan (reviews of these apps are coming soon) and other tools so ideas can be shared among apps. You can jump from adding ideas to creating a checklist to voting for favorites with a tap. 

If you collaborate frequently with others using your iPhone or iPad, Wicked Brainstorm is a wicked cool addition to your arsenal of apps.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★★