Fender Play is new iOS compatible digital learning platform

Fender Musical Instruments Corp. (FMIC) has launched Fender Play, a video-based learning platform that’s iOS compatible. It’s designed to change the way beginning players learn how to play guitar through hundreds of easy-to-follow, instructor-guided video lessons utilizing a song-driven, personalized learning path that enables even brand-new players to master chords and riffs in minutes, says Ethan Kaplan, general manager, Fender Digital.

He says Fender Play allows users to:

  • Choose the instruments, songs and genre they want to learn.
  • Track progress, evolution and development in real-time through a dashboard.
  • Study with a proprietary custom video player that shows chord diagrams on the lesson screen.
  • Automatically bookmark at their convenience to learn at their own pace, while following a clear and unified curriculum.
  • Learn at their own pace on the go and at their convenience with the portability of program via laptop or mobile devices. A Wi-Fi or LTE connection is required to access the program.
  • View 4K quality multi-camera footage and production elements, such as split screens and over-the-shoulder angles.
  • Access a large glossary of helpful terms, chords and videos.
  • Discover helpful articles, tips and tricks based on their lessons and learning path.
  • Blaze their own trail based on personal taste and discovery, rather than following the recommended, custom path.
  • Learn their favorite songs and riffs.

New players can sign up for a free, 30-day trial at play.fender.com, and can cancel anytime or continue their journey for $19.99 per month. Fender Play is launching in the U.S., United Kingdom and Canada, but can be accessed globally in English.