Grab a deal on this zoomable 60X smartphone monocular

Taking zoomed photos of things with your iPhone or other smartphone is great...until you take a closer look at those photos. Using digital zoom causes your pictures to be noisy and grainy, but even the best smartphone camera -- the one in the iPhone 7 Plus -- only has a 2X optical zoom lens. Our deal today is for a Zoomable 60X smartphone monocular and it's only $29.99. 

Just clip the monocular onto your iPhone using the handy spring clip, zoom it to the desired magnification up to 60X, and then start taking photos. Since hand-holding a 60X zoom can be problematic, a tabletop tripod is included as well. To keep your monocular safe from scratches, it comes with a convenient carrying case.

Without the clip you can handhold the monocular, and it's perfect as a spotting scope for birding and other wildlife viewing. With the clip and mini-tripod, you can use your iPhone to help you capture the wild in closeup photos or video. 

Get it while it lasts - this is the perfect accessory for your summer fun!