Apple sued for patent infringement involving the Apple TV and Siri

Another day, another lawsuit. As noted by AppleInsider, a company called CustomPlay has filed a lawsuit against Apple claiming a fourth-generation Apple TV feature that allows users to control and interact with video content using Siri voice commands infringes on patented software technology.

The Florida-based company claims Apple violates their patent (number 6,408,128) for “Replaying With Supplementary Information A Segment Of A Video.” It involves a function for “receiving, during a playing of a video, a replay request to replay a portion of a video, the replay request comprising a voice command;

storing a request position of the playing of the video responsive to the replay request; enabling a playing of supplementary information; playing the video and the supplementary information from the replay position; and discontinuing the playing of supplementary information responsive to the request position.”

CustomPlay is seeking damages, court fees and wants a trial by jury. The company makes the One Screen app for televisions, tablets, and phones. It provides in-depth information while you are watching your favorite movies and television series.