Apple does a ‘staggering’ business of $5,546 per square foot at its retail stores

With sales per square foot viewed as a major component of retail success, according to industry data provided by eMarkter, the #1 retailer in sales per square foot is Apple, which did a staggering $5,546 per square foot. 

According to research provided by CoStar, sales per square foot at all but a few public retailers have declined to an average of around $325 in recent years, down from nearly $375 in the early 2000s. Leading food service retail with sales of $3,970 per square foot is the Reis & Irvy's robotic frozen yogurt vending kiosk.

Leading the gasoline retailers with sales of $3,721 per square foot is Murphy USA. Tiffany & Co. leads the jewelry retail industry with sales of $2,951 per square foot, while lululemon Athletica, together with its subsidiaries, tops the apparels retailer list with sales of $2,951 per square foot.