TechTool Pro 9.5 for Mac for only $39.95? Shut up and take my money!

Mac consultants and IT pros know that there's one go-to app for troubleshooting and fixing Mac issues: TechTool Pro. It's been a staple in the toolkit of Mac pros for years, and now we're making it affordable to everyone. For just $39.95 (60% off the usual $99.95 price tag), you can get TechTool Pro 9.5 for Mac -- but hurry because the deal won't last long.

TechTool Pro starts with a comprehensive check of your Mac hardware -- something most competing products don't do. Check your motherboard, RAM, sensors, fans... you name it, TechTool Pro makes sure it is in working order. Here's a laundry list of everything else TechTool Pro does:

  • Makes sure your RAM, processor, cache & more are running properly
  • Rebuilds your cache to correct slow booting, misbehaving apps, slow browsing, & more
  • Lets you get under the hood by manually operating built-in system maintenance tools
  • Detects problems causing files to get lost
  • Prevents data loss & lets you undelete a file you didn’t mean to trash w/ the new & improved data recovery tool
  • Keeps an eye on your LAN & tracks devices that have been in use
  • Tests & repairs damaged directories and corrupted hard drives
  • Prevents crashes & program areas associated w/ RAM
  • Creates duplicates of your volumes to back up data
  • Performs file & volume optimization

TechTool Pro even provides a way to create a bootable drive for checking machines that aren't booting up on their own. Buy it now, and you won't need to pay full price when you need the app someday.