Developers: Get the Complete iOS 11 Machine Learning Masterclass for $10

Ten bucks doesn't buy a lot these days, but if you have a spare Hamilton in your wallet you can get yourself prepared to develop intelligent apps. iOS 11 apps have the capability to add a machine learning layer with the CoreML framework, and today's deal is perfect if you want to know how to create apps that can "see", analyze text, and do speech and language recognition. The Complete iOS 11 Machine Learning Masterclass is $10 for a limited time.  

•    Optional - iOS Fundamentals
•    Optional - Machine Learning Concepts
•    iOS Machine Learning With Photos
•    CoreML:  All about custom models
•    CoreML with Data Set models
•    Project: coreML with Video Camera
•    Section 8: END: iOS coreML fundamentals
•    Optional - Going the extra mile
•    Optional - Numerous Model Conversions
•    Advanced Vision Techniques: Face Detection
•    Advanced Face and Features Detection
•    Advanced - Text Detection

Sure, you might not be able to recreate the intelligence of the HAL 9000 computer on your iPhone yet, but this masterclass will get you up to speed on this fascinating new area of app development.