Bidding starts Sunday for these Apple sneakers

Last year we posted about a pair of Apple logo'd sneakers that were purchased by an Alabama resident in 2011, and at the time we were all wondering how to get a pair of these rare shoes for ourselves. Well, Heritage Auctions is planning to have an auction this Sunday for a pair of the white leather rainbow-logo sneaks, starting at just $15,000.

Apparently, these shoes were going to be one of the special features in the clothing line that Apple sold briefly in the mid-80s to early 90s, but never made it past the test stage. Only a few lucky employees ended up with them, and now the sale of this mint-condition pair of sneakers is going to pad someone's retirement account.

Heritage Auction expects the shoes to eventually sell for about $30,000, so if you have deep pockets it's time to jump on 'em. They're size 9-1/2, in case you were wondering.