Incredible private Apple museum opens near Warsaw, Poland

A private Apple museum opened in the small town of Łoś near Warsaw, Poland last Saturday. The exhibition consists mostly of computers and accessories collected by Jacek Łupina. His collector's passion started with buying an old PowerMac G4. Soon, Łupina started buying other ancient Apple computers and devices, like a Macintosh 128K and its later variants, a Lisa 2/5 with 5 MB hard disk, and a special Woz edition Apple IIGS.

The collection now has other rare items like many different versions of the Apple I -- including special ones created for specific purposes --an Apple ///,  NeXT Station and NeXT Cube. Łupina even managed to get a new, unopened Pippin gaming console. 

The museum also features an interesting collection of Apple II clones, including a strange German industrial computer and Bulgarian clone from 1986. 

Łupina's collection counts several dozen computers, accessories, software in original boxes, posters, and other Apple memorabilia including a replica of an Apple I motherboard - part of a project where Łupina built his own Apple I. To show his collection to Apple fans, Łupina turned part of his own house, including the living room, into a museum. 

If by chance you are going to visit Warsaw, Poland, you can contact the owner via the Apple Museum page on Facebook. (

Krystian Kozerawski is the Editor-in-Chief of and MyApple Magazyn.