KODAK introduces iOS compatible Photo Printer Docks

KODAK has unveiled the Photo Printer Dock for use with the iPhone, iPad Android gadgets and digital camera users. It prints color 4x6 photos while simultaneously charging up to two devices.

In addition, users maintain creative control over photos with the free KODAK Printer Dock App. You can edit photos for an extra sparkle with filters, stickers and more. You can download your favorite shots stored on social media, even grab a screenshot from your videos and print it. 

You connect the KODAK Photo Printer Dock to the printer by directly plugging your devices to the dock or connect via Wi-Fi through the KODAK Printer Dock App. The Dock features five-pin micro USB for Android (with an additional custom iOS adapter for iPhone) and USB Host for printing from iPhone, iPad, Android, Digital Camera or USB Memory Stick.

There’s one cartridge for all models of the KODAK Printer Docks; colors comes in three different sized sheet packs of 40, 80 and 120 print sets. The KODAK Photo Printer Dock retails for $139.