Apple partners with Phobio for its Recycle and Renew program

As noted by MacRumors, Apple has updated its Mac recycling program to partner with a new company, replacing longtime partner PowerOn with Phobio.

The company’s Recycle and Renew program allows you to recycle any Apple device online and at any Apple Store. For qualifying devices, you’ll receive a gift card online, and credit toward a purchase in-store. Apple will either refurbish the device for resale or recycle its materials to be reused.

Apple now directs you to Phobio's site from its Recycle and Rent page, and you can find your Mac by entering a serial number. After answering a couple of questions about condition, Phobio offers up a price estimate and lets users choose an Apple Store Gift Card, Paypal, or Virtual Visa Reward as a payment option. 

In 2010, Phobio officially launched Safetrade to deliver a service for retailers: high-value trade-ins on the most products with the lowest adjustment rates. At thetime, Phobio also established its US headquarters and primary receiving facility just outside Atlanta, Georgia. Though Phobio has since expanded to multiple receiving facilities worldwide including Canada, Italy and Australia, the original facility now primarily functions as a lab for prototyping Phobio’s receiving and inspection processes.