Apple teaming up with Health Gorilla on its personal health record project

Apple is working with a start-up called Health Gorilla in its secretive personal health record initiative, reports CNBC, quoting unnamed sources. Health Gorilla specializes in aggregating diagnostic information, such as blood work, into one place.

Those unnamed sources say the start-up Health Gorilla is specifically working with Apple to add diagnostic data to the iPhone, including blood work, by integrating with hospitals, lab-testing companies such as Quest and LabCorp and imaging centers.

Health Gorilla connects doctors, vendors, and consumers within a single, secure platform. The platform is designed to let you, In less than ten minutes, can claim a lifetime of medical records to get a complete picture of your health history that can be securely shared with any doctor, specialist, lab, or caregiver who needs it. It also provides a range of tools for doctors to improve and streamline the process of caring for patients.