Streamz smart streaming headphones eliminate the smartphone for listening to music

The last few days we've seen some amazing projects coming from the crowdfunding platforms. Today a new project launched on Kickstarter for Streamz, which are voice controlled smart streaming headphones. Streamz have built-in storage expandable up to 256GB, use Wi-Fi, have a built-in graphic equalizer, and can stream music from Spotify and Pandora without the need for an intervening iPhone.

The base specs for Streamz are pretty impressive:

  • Internal 4GB storage expandable to 256GB through SDXC slot
  • HD 96kHz/24 bit DAC (Hi-Res Audio)
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Internal microphone and rechargeable battery
  • Built-in OLED color display

The designers have also figured out how to use Google Drive to automatically transfer new music you've installed onto your iOS or macOS devices directly to Streamz. There is an optional iOS and Android app that lets you browse, search, stream and play from your phone, and the 10-band equalizer is built into that app. 

Using VOXXI voice control, it's possible to use commands like "Streamz volume up", "Streamz play Spotify" and so on to play your music without even looking at a device. The use of Wi-Fi and local storage means that no pairing is required if you grab your music straight from the Internet or load it from an other location. 

Right now, early backers can take advantage of a "super early bird" special and get the Streamz for as little as $199. The eventual price tag is expected to be $449, so it's a good time to get onto the Streamz bandwagon if these smart headphones capture your interest.