What I want to see in watchOS 4

I’m fairly happy with my Apple Watch Series 2 and watchOS 3. However, there are some things I’d love to see addressed in watchOS 4, of which Apple will almost offer a sneak peak during Monday’s keynote that kicks off the 2017 Worldwide Developer Conference.

Mainly, I’d like to see enhanced Siri support. As a runner who’s soon to start training for a mini-triathlon, I want to be able to seamlessly start and stop the timer on the smartwatch by saying “Hey, Siri, start timer” and “Hey, Siri, stop timer.” You can (kinda) do this now, but there's a lag in the response. And sometimes the Apple Watch defaults back to the Home screen from the Fitness app, which is annoying when I glance at the watch display to check my time.

Along the same lines, though it would affect battery life, I’d like an “always-on” mode (at least as an option). I want the Fitness app to be open and available at all times when I run.

Speaking of the personal digital assistant, some folks want Siri on the Apple Watch to be able to speak aloud. Currently, it’s text-only — and that’s fine with me, though I can understand the need for it to “talk” from an accessibility standpoint.

Finally, Apple has some cool watch faces for the smartwatch. But I bet others could make some incredible ones, as well. So let's see third-party watch faces in the App Store.

What would you like to see in watchOS 4?