Excited about WWDC? Get coding with the iOS 10 & Swift Starter Bundle

Later this morning you'll be hearing a lot about developing apps for the Apple ecosystem. The big news a few years ago was the announcement of Swift, Apple's Open Source programming language that's taking the world by storm. You can get in on the app economy -- just spend $45 and get this iOS 10 & Swift 3 Starter Bundle to start your career as an app developer. 

iOS 10 & Swift 3

Learn the basics before iOS 11 and Swift 4 arrive with this inexpensive and complete bundle

Hundreds of lessons over 82 hours give you the foundation you need to build that career, and you'll learn how to code by creating useful iOS 10 apps. The bundle includes:

  • The Complete iOS 10 Developer - Your App Development journey starts here by building real, useful iOS 10 apps. 205 lectures and 37.5 hours of content available at any time
  • iOS 10 Projects: Build Amazing Apps with Apple's Newest iOS - Stay tech forward and learn all about the new iOS 10 APIs. 77 lectures with 10.5 hours of content
  • Swift 3 Fundamentals & Essential Training - Launch your iOS 10 app development career by learning Swift 3. 5 hours of content encompassing 44 lessons
  • iOS 10, Swift 3 Hands On Features - Explore the newest features of iOS 10 and Swift 3 by building real, useful apps. Includes Siri Kit for building Siri into your app, as well as the new Messages framework
  • Master iOS 10 + Swift 3 & Create Apps! - Object-oriented programming is covered in depth in this course, and you'll work with animations, audio, maps and geolocation. 95 lessons and 26.5 hours of content let you explore basic and advanced features of iOS 10 & Swift 3.

Sure, today we'll hear about iOS 11 and Swift 4, but it's helpful to know the basics of the operating system and Swift before jumping into the newest iterations. This is a great bargain and a wonderful way to become familiar with today's programming tools.