Never run out of Lightning charging cables with this 3-pack deal

A concierge at a hotel once told me, "If you ever need an Apple Lightning charging cable, just go to a hotel -- everybody leaves them here!". You can make sure that you always have spares for the cables that you "donate" to hotels, libraries, and other locations by getting this 3-Pack of 6.5-foot MFi-Certified Lightning Charging Cables for only $21.99. 

3 MFi-Certified Lightning Cables - $21.99

Not all Lightning charging cables are alike, and those that have been certified by Apple as Made For iPhone/iPad compatible are guaranteed to work perfectly with your Apple devices. These cables are made by Sky Innovations, carry the MFi certification, and are one of our most popular deals -- check out the 131 5-star reviews in the Apple World Today Deals Shop!

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