Get The Ultimate Learn To Code 2017 Bundle for only $49

One of our most popular developer training bundles from last year was the 2016 edition of the Ultimate Learn To Code Bundle. The bundle's back with updated course material that's sure to get you up to speed in the job skills you need to succeed! This immersive set of online courses provides over 80 hours of training for only $49 -- it's a $1,186 value!

The Ultimate Learn To Code 2017 Bundle is packed with 10 separate modules:

  1. The Professional Ruby on Rails Developer with Rails 5: Get an intro to Rails 5 and learn how to build interactive web apps with one of the most popular frameworks on Earth
  2. Javascript Specialist Designation: Study for and pass the JavaScript Specialist Designation exam
  3. Python for Beginners 2017: Learn the "Swiss Army Knife of Coding Languages"
  4. Java from Beginning to Expert: Become a Java expert, regardless of experience
  5. The Complete HTML5 & CSS3 Course: Familiarize yourself with two of the top web design languages
  6. Angular 2 with TypeScript for Beginners: This comprehensive course will have you building Angular 2 apps in minutes
  7. Learn Xamarin by Creating Real World Cross-Platform Apps: Discover the cross-platform app development platform that every app developer needs to know
  8. iOS 10 & Object-C: Complete Developer Course: Create over 20 apps for the newest Apple mobile OS
  9. Learn Fundamental SQL Programming with SQL Server: Build a foundation with the world's most popular database programming language
  10. Practical Web Programming 101

Get it while it's available!