AWT TV Episode 7: AirPods, garage door openers, White Noise and more!

This week, Dennis couldn't make it to the live AWT TV show because of some car troubles, but Marty and Steve picked up the load and managed to fill an hour with some fun discussions of a LOT of different topics (check out the list below the video):

  • Steve has AirPods! He is also lit up tonight, having purchased a new LED light panel. No more eerie dark floating Steve-heads!
  • Marty and Steve discuss the LiftMaster/Chamberlain MyQ app-controlled garage door openers. Marty was able to retrofit an existing Chamberlain GDO, while Steve got a new LiftMaster model. The free app works well to control garage doors remotely, and Marty demonstrates!
  • The White Noise app. This is an app that has been reviewed on Apple World Today, and it's an impressive app if you prefer ambient noise to silence when going to sleep
  • We talk a little bit about the pros (almost no malware) and cons (not as flexible) of iOS compared to Android
  • Sunday night's marathon Yankees - Cubs game (don't ask...but we did talk about it!)
  • Find My AirPods
  • What hardware announcements we want to see at WWDC 2017 (Steve wants a new iPad Pro)
  • Could Apple possibly run a version of macOS in a virtual machine on iOS?
  • Why Apple most likely will NOT reveal anything about the iPhone 8 (anniversary model) at WWDC
  • VMware, Windows 2000, and old versions of Windows - Marty may even demonstrate VMware in a future episode (and I'll demo Parallels)
  • We say ALL sorts of nice things about Zoom, which is the app we use for conferencing and sharing this show to YouTube. Skype no more!
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