Rumor: iOS 11 to sport a smarter battery mode and new payment system

A deleted Reddit post — as noted by iPhone Informer — says that iOS 11, which will almost certainly be unveiled at next month’s Apple Worldwide Developer Conference, will include a smarter battery mode and a new payment system.

The report says that the operating system upgrade will automatically place iPhones and iPads in low power mode whenever the battery life is below 20%. What’s more, there’s purportedly be a peer-to-peer payment service feature in the updated Wallet app (which might be renamed to Pay). The new Pay app will also have an iMessage extension that allows you to send cash via iMessage, according to the Reddit post.

The Sellers Research Firm (that’s me) says there’s a 90% chance that both the low power mode and payment system will debut in iOS 11. Both seem to be natural extensions of things Apple is already doing.