Notebooks for macOS handily combines text processing, task management, file organization

By Aaron Lee

Alfons Schmid's macOS version of Notebooks is a time-saving productivity app that combines text processing with task management and file organization to complement the iPad and iPhone versions of the tool. It allows you to create as many books as you need to write, store and structure.

Notebooks includes text processing for plain text, formatted text and Markdown, provides space to store and organize files and documents, and also integrates complex task management.

Users can create formatted documents using WYSIWYG style editing, produce formatted HTML using Markdown, or simply type plain text notes, and all while using custom fonts, colors, and background patterns. Advanced options allow users to convert between these formats, use Markdown syntax highlighting and formatting and much more.

Notebooks supports unlimited nested books (folders) to organize contents by topics, subjects, projects or any other category. This lets you separate private notes from business documents, client data from journal entries or school subjects from each other.

A book in Notebooks displays its contents either as a list of documents, or as a list of tasks. These task lists can be nested, too, which allows users to split complex projects into smaller, less intimidating packages which are easy to manage. If desired, tasks can be assigned due dates.

Users may import documents of various formats like HTML, RTF, PDF, MS Office, Pages, photos, videos or even web archives. Notebooks provides multiple options for synchronizing its contents between devices (iOS, Mac and PC), with Dropbox and WebDAV sync currently being the most used options at present. iCloud support will follow soon.

Notebooks (for iPad and iPhone) costs $12.99 and are available at the Apple App Store in the Productivity category. The macOS version require macOS 10.7.3 or later, costs $18.99 and is available at the Mac App Store.