Qualcomm wants iPhones banned from entering the U.S.

I see no chance of this happening, but Qualcomm, hacked off over Apple’s decision to stop paying it billions of dollars in licensing fees for smartphone chips, will ask a U.S. trade agency to ban the imports of iPhones, according to Bloomberg, quoting an unnamed “person familiar with the company’s strategy.

The world’s dominant supplier of baseband processors is purportedly preparing to ask the International Trade Commission to stop the iPhone, which is built in Asia, from entering the country. This threatens “to block Apple’s iconic product from the American market in advance of its anticipated new model this fall,” the article adds.

Apple has filed a lawsuit against Qualcomm, the world’s dominant supplier of baseband processors, alleging the chip supplier demands unfair terms for its technology.  However, And in January, the Federal Trade Commission filed a complaint in federal district court charging Qualcomm with using anticompetitive tactics to maintain its monopoly in the supply of a key semiconductor device used in cell phones and other consumer products.