IFTTT "Maker" tier opens the IoT platform to individual developers

IFTTT Adds Maker Tier

IFTTT has been a wonderful way for those tinkering with the "Internet of Things" (IoT) to create their own automations by linking together services and devices to form "applets." Those services are developed by developers for the many IFTTT partners, and effective today IFTTT will be expanding the availability of its development tools to a new class of developers -- Makers.

Up to this point, anyone could build IFTTT applets that worked with two IFTTT services that a user was connected to -- for example, IF Apple's share price goes over $175 per share, THEN send a text message. Makers will have expanded capabilities:

  • Publish their Applets for other users to turn on. Makers will have a public profile page where they can showcase their creations.

  • Build Applets that work with any service on IFTTT. For example, a Maker would not have to have a connected BMW in order to create an Applet that works with the BMW service.

  • Build Applets with multiple actions. Since November, IFTTT’s partners have been able to build and publish Applets that trigger multiple actions (e.g. “if this, then that, and that, and that.”). Now, Makers will have the same capability. 

IFTTT also announced that it is adding a new applet tool set known as filters. Makers and partners can both build with Javascript filter code, adding conditionals and randomization to their applets.

As IFTTT notes, "While the ability to integrate an API and build out endpoints into custom triggers and actions is still reserved for IFTTT partners, IFTTT sees the Maker tier as a way to nurture and encourage up-and-coming developers."