Archeer A320 Bluetooth Speaker looks great, provides big sound

At Apple World Today, we get to test a lot of Bluetooth speakers, so it's pretty easy to tell the minute music starts streaming through one whether it has decent sound or if it's destined for the recycle bin. Today's review is of a good looking and LOUD unit from Chinese manufacturer Archeer, the A320 Bluetooth Speaker (US$69.99, Amazon affiliate link). Check out the review, then enter to win this Bluetooth speaker from Archeer.


With rare exceptions, there's not much you can do to disguise the fact that a Bluetooth speaker is...well, a Bluetooth speaker. But at least some of the manufacturers realize that good-looking cases can make a speaker worth putting on a bookshelf or kitchen counter, and that's the case with the A320.

Archeer A320

Bluetooth Speaker

The front of the unit is bamboo wood, nicely finished for a natural look and feel. The rest of the case is wrapped in what appears to be dark gray denim. Dominating the front of the unit are a 3-inch subwoofer and two 1-inch tweeters. Some simple touch controls are located on the top of the unit, using raised rubber symbols (+, -, power, play/pause) so that it's possible to control the unit by touch. 

On the back of the A320 is a micro-USB port for charging the built-in 5200 mAh battery pack, which will power the speaker outside for up to 11 hours at 50% volume. A single LED indicates when the speaker is charging, while another LED atop the unit shows when the power has been turned on. It takes about four to five hours to fully charge the A320. 


Pairing the A320 to a Mac or iPhone is drop-dead simple; you just turn the unit on and hold down the power button for five seconds, at which point it goes into pairing mode. Look for the A320 in Bluetooth settings, then tap or click to pair. The A320 uses Bluetooth 4.0, and I found the connection less likely to drop out than what I've seen with many other speakers.

As you'd expect with a big subwoofer speaker, bass dominates the sound profile of the A320. If you love big pounding bass, you're going to love this speaker. The A320 can definitely fill a room with sound. 

That being said, the speaker also does a good job of sustaining the higher end tones. I found that for my personal preference, I needed to go into Settings > Music > EQ on my iPhone and choose "Treble Booster" to give the music a very rounded sound profile ("Bass Reducer" had a similar effect). 

I did not get a chance to verify the 11 hour battery claim, but I see no reason why the A320 shouldn't be able to meet that duration. 


The Archeer A320 is a good-looking speaker that can be at home in any decor, with sound capabilities to fill even large rooms with crisp sound. 

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★★

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