MacBook Pro with Touch Bar wins a Display Industry Award

It may be controversial, but the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar has won a Display Industry Award from the Society for Information Display (SID), a professional organization focused on the display industry. The awards are granted to “display products that incorporate the most significant technological advances and/or outstanding features.”

Here's what SID has to say about the Mac laptop: “Delivering an entirely new degree of user interactivity, Apple's Touch Bar feature is a multi-touch, high-resolution OLED display placed directly on the keyboard of the MacBook Pro. The Touch Bar delivers shortcuts and tools to the user's fingertips based on which app is being used and in what capacity, with context-specific features and controls that can both make an unfamiliar app more accessible to a new user and empower a pro by enabling greater workflow efficiency. 

“The creation of the Touch Bar involved several breakthroughs in OLED technology – in particular, its Retina-resolution (221-dpi) display, which enables sharp, print-quality fonts and icons. The Touch Bar's cover glass is also revolutionary; engineered with nano-structures to minimize surface reflection and distortion, it provides a look and feel that allow the Touch Bar to blend seamlessly into the keyboard. Both the Touch Bar's display and the MacBook Pro's liquid-crystal main display are designed to minimize surface reflection from the other display and reduce ambient crosstalk, and color management in both displays is synchronized to ensure matching color.”