Google Assistant may appear on iOS soon

This is the era of AIs, with Siri from Apple, Cortana from Microsoft, Alexa from Amazon, and Google Assistant from Google now appearing in devices from smartwatches to PCs. Android Police is reporting that Google Assistant will soon be launching on iOS as a standalone app. How soon? The app may be announced as soon as this week at Google's I/O Conference.

According to the site, Assistant for iOS will be US-only at launch. As noted in the post, adding "Assistant to the world's second-largest mobile OS would like encourage more developers to integrate with the app's functionality."

Assistant launched Google's own Pixel phone last year, and has quickly spread to other devices such as the Google Home "smart speaker", apps like Google Allo, and most Android phones. I personally have found Google Assistant to be one of the better voice-controlled AIs, as it appears to have more "depth of knowledge" and has very few issues with understanding international place names.