Developer Deal: 85 hours of Swift 3 training for $36

Developers around the world are embracing the language first developed by Apple and then made open source: Swift. The popularity of Swift has been growing since it first appeared in 2014, and now you can get in on the fastest growing programming language with The Swift 3 Master Coder Bundle. Enjoy 85 hours of training and spend only $36 -- 93% off what you'd normally shell out for this top-notch training bundle. 


These 4 courses teach by example -- you'll build working iOS apps taking you from beginner to pro. 

  • Access 143 lectures & 19 hours of content 24/7
  • Learn Swift by use of diagrams, highlighting & callouts
  • Understand how to use controls, outlets & actions, & logic for smooth control flow
  • Work w/ the social framework
  • Explore SpriteKit & building games
  • Add audio & animations to your apps
  • Master strings in Swift 3

The four courses include: 

  • Hacking with Swift 3 Beginner to Pro: Build 17 Apps
  • Swift 3: Exploiting the Latest iOS 10 Features
  • iOS 10 & Xcode 8: Complete Swift 3 and Objective-C Guide
  • Learn iOS 10 App Development with Swift 3 and Xcode 8: Build 14 Apps

Get it while it's hot, and get your skills to the next level before Swift 4 is announced next month at WWDC 2017. When your app receives an Apple Design Award at the next WWDC, you'll thank us...