Help an AWT reader: Do you have 1985 - 87 MACazine article indexes?

Part of our mission at Apple World Today is to keep alive the history of the Mac and other Apple products. After a recent post about a working PowerBook that was donated to our Vintage Apple project, I received an email from an reader -- Steve Neago -- who is looking for a piece of Mac history. Here's his message:

 I am one of the first 20,000 Buyers of the 128K Macintosh, and during the mid to late 1980s a monthly magazine named MACazine was published here in the USA. 

I later modified the 128K Mac to the 512K model and later a 512Ke, where I still own it and it works great with the vintage OS software but I am looking for a couple of older magazine articles published in MACazine when these Macintosh models were manufactured by Apple.

I own a few of the 85 - 87 MACazine issues, but where could I find MACazine full article indexes for years 1985 - 1987? I do not know which, if any MACazine issues had the articles indexes for these years from 1985 - 87. I have tried multiple searches about "MACazine" and "Article Index" on the Internet through Google and Startpage Search Engines, but I could not find ANY MACazine article indexes for any years it was published.

If I recall correctly, MACazine eventually transitioned into MacWeek - a weekly newspaper format about Mac News and years later stopped being published entirely with the advent of the Internet. I also do not know which publishing company currently owns the MACazine publication rights and/or has the files for these Macazine 1985-87 Article Indexes, nor whom I should contact.

Any suggestions where I could find or obtain these MACazine 85 - 87 article indexes or whom I should contact to find them is appreciated!

Regards, Steve Neago
Cincinnati, OH

If any of you have full article indexes for MACazine that you could provide for Steve, please let us know email -- send a note to me and I'll pass the information along to him.