RetriCAM: a fun iOS camera app with real-time filters

By Aaron Lee

The cameras that comes with the iPhone 7 and, especially, the iPhone 7 Plus are fantastic. And you can spice up your photos even more with Note-Ify Apps' RetriCAM, which also works with the iPad and iPod touch. And it’s free.

The app lets you apply more than 50 different filters in real time when you're taking pics. You can prefer the filters on-screen before you apply any of the effects, which is a handy time-saver.

RetriCAM lets you apply a white or black border to your photo if you wish. Filters are divided into five categories: Chic (which includes a cool Polaroid effect), Silver, Vintage, Deep, and Special. Vintage effects, despite their names (Darwin, Galileo, etc.) don't add what I consider "vintage" effects, but apply colorized touches, which I didn't care for.

The Deep filters allow you to apply even darker color layers, but I found them too garish for my tastes. However, I really enjoy the Silver filters (which allows you to take B&W, Noir, Gray and other photos that seem "vintage" to me) and Special (Pixel, Halftone, Sketch, and more).

RetriCAM also features a timer, allowing the photographer to be in the picture. You can also share your pics via social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) directly from the app.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★