iPad as a 'Mac buddy' could benefit Apple computers and tablets

In writing for OS News Thom Holwerda says that, in addition to a new Mac Pro and an iMac Pro, Apple is said to be exploring additional Retina MacBook Pro models without the Touch Bar, and other pro-oriented features, such as hooking an iPad Pro up to a Mac to use it as a Cintiq-like device.

My take: I can’t imagine Apple removing the Touch Bar entirely from MacBook Pros — unless there’s been major outcry against this feature. On the other hand, positioning the iPad as a Touch Bar for desktop Macs, as well as a drawing tablet could help sales of both Apple computers and tablets in a double “halo effect.” (You can currently use your iPad for such a purpose with the Duet Display.)

Such a move would mean added functionality for the iPad. It would also add some serious touch screen features to the Mac without the desktops or laptops having built-in touch screens, something Apple has been adamantly opposed to.