Daily Deal: The Mac PDF Processing Bundle for $29.99

Handle a lot of Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files? Many of us do, which is why today's Apple World Today Mac PDF Processing Bundle deal is so important. For just $29.99, you get four Mac apps that can handle even the most vexing PDF needs in a flash. You'll get:

PDFConverter (normally $39.99)

  • Convert native PDFs to .docx, .pages, .rftd, .ppt, & many more
  • Retain original fonts, images & formatting when converting 
  • Extract images in PDFs to .jpeg, .png, .tiff, .gif, & more
  • Drag & drop up to 200 PDF files to the queue & convert them at once w/ a single click
  • Save converted documents that look just like the original 
  • Convert encrypted PDFs

PDF Creator (usually $39.99)

  • Protect common documents like .docx & .rtf from being edited by converting to PDF
  • Make your ePub files more compatible by creating PDFs and supporting a mix of graphics, tables, charts, photographs, etc.
  • Turn web HTML & local HTML files into PDFs that can be easily navigated w/ page numbers
  • Save your images as document format to occupy less space
  • Merge multiple documents into a single PDF
  • Convert up to five files at once to PDF
  • Assure high-quality file printing w/ precise page layout & high resolution images

PDFPasswordRemover (a $34.99 value)

  • Remove restrictions & owner passwords to open & edit in PDF viewer without any restrictions
  • Add up to 200 PDF files at a time to have passwords removed
  • Unlock a 500-page encrypted PDF within a minute
  • Decrypt passwords w/ brute force decryption when you forget how to access your PDF files
  • Gain permission to print a secured document in PDF format or make edits, add hyperlinks, create bookmarks, & more

PDFCompressor (normally priced at $24.99)

  • Save disk space or accelerate uploading & transferring of images by selecting between four preset filter modes, or setting custom sizes
  • Remove useless elements unnecessary for normal use like embedded "base 14" fonts, metadata, thumbnails, & more
  • Compress PDFs in 3 simple steps, & compress 500-page PDFs within 1 minute
  • Perform batch compression of hundreds of PDF documents at once
  • Email attachments faster, load websites more efficiently, & make PDFs more mobile-friendly

All of these great apps are from Cisdem, a company known for its quality Mac software. This bundle will keep your PDF work moving smoothly and enhance your productivity, so get it today!