Google Maps on iPhone adds parking reminders, Directions widget, iMessage app

Google Maps for iPhone (free) has a new feature that's been in Apple Maps for a while; the ability to set parking reminders automatically or manually. 

Those who are using Apple CarPlay or the like to pair to a car via USB or Bluetooth should find that Maps places a pin on a parking location automatically when a phone is disconnected. If that doesn't work for you -- say, the parking location is never accurate enough -- you can disable autosave through the options on the blue dot that marks a user's current location.

Manual addition of a parking spot is done by tapping on the blue dot or by adding a red "pin", then tapping on the menu at upper right to "Set as parking location". 

In addition, there's now a new "Directions widget" that provides users with directions right on the lock screen (see image above). With a tap, both the starting and ending locations can be entered, then the lock screen widget shows the next step in directions to the destination. 

Finally, Google Maps also added an iMessage app that gives users the ability to share their current location while in the Messages application.