Microsoft To-Do (née Wunderlist): A great way to tackle your tasks

List-makers tend to get things done, and one of the best ways to handle to-do lists in this day of consumer electronics is to use an app. A lot of people use Wunderlist on their iPhones to perform this task. Microsoft purchased the app in 2015, and finally we're seeing the fruits of that purchase in Microsoft To-Do, which is now available for free on the App Store. When To-Do is out of its preview (basically a public beta), Wunderlist will be replaced by the new app. 

The app makes suggestions of upcoming items that you might want to undertake, and it reminds you of important tasks that have times and dates associated with them. Users can create mulitple lists -- the app notes suggest that those who follow David Allen's GTD Methodology can create Someday and/or Follow-up lists. 

On iOS devices with 3D Touch, that gesture brings up a quick way to add a new to-do or glance at My Day -- the overview screen for the app. Each to-do can have notes added to it; things like addresses, website URLs, and more. The app syncs between platforms including iPhone, Android, Windows 10 and the web - hopefully Microsoft is working on adding a Mac client.

Comparing Microsoft To-Do to some of the built-in Apple apps, you'll find that the app can take the place of Reminders, but doesn't have a way to be reminded at a location or assign a priority. While it has the check-off capabilities of Notes, To-Do doesn't provide a way to add images, or handwritten notes. As of now, To-Do also lacks an Apple Watch companion.

To-Do is built on Office 365, and the company says that will enable To-Do to be even more useful in the future. It will be integrated with Microsoft Outlook to sync Tasks to To-Do automatically. I personally like the Suggestions feature, which shows unfinished to-dos from the day before, what's either due or upcoming and more. With a tap, suggested items are added to "My Day". 

Still, the app is still in a "preview" mode, and Microsoft is asking for suggestions. Perhaps if enough Apple World Today readers suggest Mac, iPad, and Apple Watch clients we'll see some movement in that direction. The company says that it should have the Mac and iPad versions in the next few months.