Renogy Phoenix packs portable power into a briefcase

Renogy Phoenix

Renogy Phoenix

Whether you're planning on spending a lot of time outdoors this summer or want to be prepared for emergencies, a new solar generator briefcase from Renogy called the Phoenix (US$574.99) can provide plenty of clean energy. 

The Phoenix packs 16Ah of power storage into a waterproof case outfitted with two 10 watt solar panels. What can you do with 16Ah? How about recharging an iPhone 6s 32 times? Or giving a GoPro camera 47 full charges? 

Unlike most portable external batteries, the Phoenix also comes with a built-in inverter capable of turning that power into 110V AC so you can plug in almost any small appliance or laptop. In fact, the Phoenix has a regular 110V grounded outlet, a 12V "cigarette lighter" output, 4 USB ports, and 2 12V DC ports. 

The specs say that the Phoenix with its two solar panels can be recharged in just 6 hours by placing it in direct sunlight, and the 12.8 lb. "briefcase" can fit easily into any car for immediate use. Charging time can be reduced by adding more solar panels to the setup.