An Apple TV should be able to set up an ad hoc network

My buddy, J. Scott Anderson, picked up an Apple TV expecting that he might be able to use AirPlay with the iPad via Bluetooth. Scott was surprised to discover that AirPlay on the Apple TV only works through WiFi. 

That wouldn't be so bad if it could generate its own ad hoc network, but it doesn't. Scott solved the problem by using an Airport Express (which Apple is, reportedly, no longer developing). Isn't that an unnecessary step since both the iPad and the Apple TV have the necessary hardware to avoid this?

Yes, the problem is resolved by using the Airport Express. However, in a business setting, organizations are understandably reluctant to let strangers into their networks. Besides, you can't trust their network performance either. 

Anyway, wouldn't it be much better if Apple would allow Airplay over Bluetooth or allow the Apple TV to set up an ad hoc network?