Forget turning an iOS device into a laptop; I want my Apple Pod

On March 23 I reported that Apple had filed for a patent (number 2017003048) dubbed “electronic accessory device” that would turn an iPhone or iPad into a full-fledged laptop. However, I like an idea I proposed over a year ago better: an “Apple Pod” with an Apple Display/Dock.

My (updated) idea would replace my iMac, my MacBook Pro and my iPad Pro. The Apple Pod itself would be basically the size of an iPad Pro (available in 12.9-inch and 10.5-inch versions), but with a 10TB flash drive (don’t laugh; we’ll eventually see laptops and tablets with such storage). It will run either a touchscreen version of macOS or a version of iOS that’s more keyboard-and-mouse oriented and more multi-tasking friendly. The Apple Pod will come in Wi-Fi and Wi‑Fi + Cellular versions and run the latest and greatest Ax processor made by Apple.

The device will support a Smart Keyboard (with Touch Bar) and Magic Mouse so I can use the gadget as either a laptop or tablet for work and play when I’m on-the-go. However, once I’m back at the home office, I’ll insert the Apple Pod into the 27-inch (or bigger) Apple Display/Dock with a 5K (or 8K) Retina Display. 

Once docked, the software in the Apple Pod will automatically adjust to the bigger screen. It will also immediately pair with my external keyboard, mouse, and trackpad.

Laugh if you will, but Apple filed for a patent for a “dockable" computer back in 2006. It was for an “integrated monitor and docking station.”