Zerolemon 2-meter Lightning Cable 2-Pack Only $23.99


It appears that the rumors earlier this week about Apple moving the iPhone (and other iOS devices) to USB-C were just that -- rumors -- so we can expect to see Lightning as the iOS charging/syncing connector of choice for the foreseeable future. If you were putting off the purchase of spare Lightning cables to replace those frayed or lost ones, delay no more! We have a deal on a 2-pack of high quality ZeroLemon 2-meter USB to Lightning cables for just $23.99 (or $20.49 for black and white cables).

Unlike the cheap plastic covering on many Lightning cables, ZeroLemon uses braided nylon for durability and flexibility. The cables come in silver or (for less money) a set of black and white cables, and measure in at 2 meters (6.4 feet). Both ends of the cable feature specially-designed stress relief adapters (see images above and below) to beef up the traditionally weakest points, so these cables will last a long, long time.

Like most of our deals, this one won't last forever. Click that link above to enter the Apple World Today Deals Shop and get your ZeroLemon Lightning cables today.