Apple can conquer the PC World if they want to

I’m relatively new to the world of Apple products, having bought my first iPad in 2011, my first iPhone in 2013 and my first Mac in 2015. The more I use the company’s products, the more I have come to appreciate them and how reliable they are, not only as stand-alone devices, but in how well they work together. The hardware is the best made, and the software is rock solid.

Just this past week I was away from home and had to log onto a site that was new to me, but which required a username and password. It was a government site I had never used before, but I was quickly and easily able to log in via my iPhone 7 Plus.

While at home the next morning, I wanted to access the same site from my Mac. As I pulled up the site, I was prepared to type in a rather complex user name and equally complex password. However, when I pulled up the site, my username and password were already entered in the browser for me because I had instructed Safari on the iPhone to save my information via Keychain. 

I couldn’t help but think how amazing and how convenient that it was there on the Mac for me the first time I ever went to the site from my computer. Such communication between the Apple devices make the entire ecosystem much more convenient than any other company offers. 

I really enjoy receiving texts on my Mac while working, not only from those using iMessage but texts from non-Apple devices as well. The synergy between devices is extended even further when there are those connected to your account via Family Sharing. 

Not only can you share most purchased apps with up to six people, but it’s very easy to set up shared reminders and calendars that show up on all devices, including the Mac. There is also continuity that lets you leave one device and pick up on another device at the same place, whether it’s a browser or email. If you so desire, you can answer phone calls on your Mac, iPad or Apple Watch, as well as your iPhone.

Truly, the more Apple products you have connected to the same account, you realize just how convenient everything is.

Apple could really make headway into the PC market if they were to push these benefits and promote them via commercials and other media. Tell the world about the convenience of having a Mac if you have an iPhone. There is much market share for Apple to obtain.

Apple should not be putting as much effort into things like original TV shows or other ventures. If they are going to, I feel such should come well after the push into the PC market. Apple should produce Macs that are made for each class of user first, then consider non-tech ventures.

There should be very powerful and upgradeable Macs for the professional. There really should be Macs for every segment of PC user. Apple has already won the hearts and wallets of younger people today who will be the PC purchasers of tomorrow. Now is the time to provide a strong selection of Macs and continually provide upgrades. I am in the market for an iMac but want to wait for new ones. I would enjoy my main computer being a Mac Pro, but not at the 2013 specs of the “current” one.

I feel the PC market has much low hanging fruit for Apple if they will simple seize the opportunity.