Slide Pop brings cool View-Master effects to Final Cut Pro X

By Aaron Lee

Noise Industries' $49 Slide Pop plug-in offers 20 cool, customizable View-Master style effects and transitions for Apple's Final Cut Pro X. 

Think "retro" when considering this plug-in as it provides access to 20 customizable effects and transitions inspired by the vintage View-Master slide show camera. The customizable controls and color presets let you put your own spin on the classic View-Master look.

The View-Master utilized a small, colorful reel, which users placed in the device to see images with a 3D effect. It offered slide reels of just about every major kids’ show and motion picture in its day. A number of different manufacturers have produced View-Master, including Tyco Toys and Fisher-Price.

To use Slide Pop you drag and drop the effect or transition onto your footage. (You can find Slide Pop under Effects and Transitions under the category name Stupid Raisins.) In a hurry? Just drop Slide Pop onto your media, and you’re good to go. 

If you want a custom look just use the simple controls to do some tweaking.

Oh yes, Slide Pop even comes with authentic View-Master sound effects. It's a breeze to use, but if you need some help it includes help documents and videos.

A trial version of Slide Pop comes with with FxFactory. Once FxFactory is installed you’ll have a demo to play with and you can register directly within Final Cut Pro X.