Satechi’s USB-C Power Meter is a useful safety tool for cautious Mac users

Satechi’s USB-C Power Meter may only appeal to a certain niche of users, but those users should find it helpful. It lets you measure the volts, amps, and mAh output from accessories to ensure that they’re safe and compatible with new Type-C laptops, tablets and smartphones such as the 12-inch MacBook and 2016 MacBook Pros.

When choosing a charger or accessory for a device, users need to know the maximum voltage and amperage it can use to ensure they don’t permanently damage their hardware. Most folks probably won’t bother to do this, and most won’t experience any issues. However, the USB-C Power Meter does provide a useful safety measure for we cautious types. 

It will measure the voltage (in volts) of your port's power source in real time. You can check the current (in amps) being input to your device. To calculate wattage, multiply the volts by the amps. You can use the Power Meter to see how much power has travelled into your device since beginning charging. It also allows you to monitor power while simultaneously charging your compatible Type-C device. All these features are available in a sleek design with an easy-to-read display.

The Power Meter's Voltage range is 4V-30V. Current range is 50mA-9.99A. The readable total is 65W. It’s available for $29.99 at and