Seal makes it easy to create seal titles for Apple's Final Cut Pro X

By Aaron Lee

Conner Productions's Seal is a pro level template to make introductory seal titles for Apple's Final Cut Pro X. It’s free — and free is good!

Seal — designed with creative professionals, individuals, and businesses — is customizable and lets you create introduction seals for your videos featuring a spinning seal that comes into focus. It’s easy to customize text color, background color, and other elements to craft the template to fit within a video. Conner Production's installer makes installing Seal easy; using the template in videos is a matter of dragging it into the timeline.

No matter how long the text is or how much the title is tweaked, it will still have a refined, exceptional feel. Seal was designed in Apple’s Motion software, and features organic gaussian blurs, noise, and stylistic effects.

Conner Productions is offering Seal as a free download; it's compatible with Final Cut Pro X and Motion (version 5 and higher). There's no watermark, and the template is fully functional and customizable.